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Can I print from my laptop computer?

28206 views   |   Last updated on Oct 02, 2018    Technology Printing

If you are using a laptop that can access the wireless network that is found in the Library and most buildings on campus, then you can use a web-based printing option by visiting

Login using your Le Moyne network username and password. Check out these options in MyPrint:

  • Click the "Web Print" tab to upload your document via a webform and to check the status of your print job. Print jobs will be charged against your assigned print quota.

  • Click the "My Printers" tab to set a shortlist of your "favorite" printers. "Library Patron" are the two printers on the first floor near the Library Services Desk, "Library Lab" is the printer in the "Muserlian Instruction Lab", and "Library Cluster" is the printer in the computer cluster near the IT Help Desk.

  • If you plan to print from your laptop frequently, click the "Driver Print" tab to find out how to install a printer driver that will let you print wirelessly directly from your document.

For more detailed instructions and information about your print quota, visit the "Printing in the Library" help guide. For technical assistance, visit IT's "Printing On Campus" page, contact the IT Service Desk or call (315) 445-4579.

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How do I make an appointment with Tutoring Services?

7818 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    Research Help

Tutoring is available through the Student Success Center which is located on the first floor of the Noreen Reale Falcone Library.

Students can schedule their own tutoring appointments online. In order to schedule an appointment, you must first register for an account at Once registered, sign in with your new account information and click "Login" to get to the tutoring schedule page.

Any problems or questions, call 445-4597 or email

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When does the library open?

6856 views   |   Last updated on Dec 28, 2015    About the Library Hours

Here is a link to the library's Hours

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How do I use the wireless network?

6495 views   |   Last updated on Oct 16, 2018    Technology

Eduroam is the recommended secure wireless network available to students and employees throughout campus. This network is intended for most laptops, phones, and tablets that support WPA2-Enterprise/802.1x encryption. Most personally-owned devices will store login credentials and automatically connect when the network is within range. A benefit of using the Eduroam network is that your laptop or device should automatically connect and authenticate when you travel to another college or university that uses the system. IT has instructions on how to connect to Eduroam for

For technical assistance with configuring your personal device to use the eduroam wireless network, contact the campus Information Technology Service Desk at 315-445-4579 or email

For more information about Eduroam or how to obtain guest access to the network, visit the Library's "College Wireless Network" guide or IT's "Connecting to the Internet" guide.

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Does the Library have a color printer?

5996 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    Technology Printing

A color laser printer is located near the IT Service Desk on the first floor of the Library. The printer can make double as well as single-sided copies. The cost is 15¢ per printed side and is charged against your paid printing account in your Dolphin Dollars eAccount.

Students can print to the printer from all public computers in the library. Select LIB-HP500M551DN (Library Public Color Printer) from the print menu. If you are using the wireless MyPrint printing service, select the Library Color printer.

Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

For more information on your free print quota or on adding funds to your Dolphin Dollars eAccount, visit the "Printing in the Library" help guide or campus IT's "Printing On Campus" page.

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How do I renew a book?

5953 views   |   Last updated on Apr 05, 2016    About the Library Library Policies Finding Books

You can renew a book by bringing it to the Library Services Desk or you can renew materials online. 

From the library Home Page or the "Find Books" tab, click "Library Account".

To view what you have checked out, log in using your Le Moyne email user name and password or using your name and the barcode number from your campus ID. You can then click the button to renew all or renew the items you've selected.

Web Access Login

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How do I access resources from off-campus?

5314 views   |   Last updated on Mar 07, 2019    Finding Articles Research Help

Most of the research materials, including databases, e-journals, e-books, streaming video and audio, etc., that the Library subscribes to are available off-campus to members of the Le Moyne campus community. When you try to access a library resource from off-campus, you will first be prompted to login to the Library proxy server in order to prove your affiliation with the College. You can login using either:

  1. Your Username and Password from your Le Moyne Computer Account.
  2. Your name and barcode as it appears on your Le Moyne ID card.

Web Access Login Screen

Once you have logged in, you will be able to access the resource as though you were on-campus.

For more information, read the "Off-Campus Access" help guide. There you will also find a handy bookmarklet that you can use to push the page you're on through the proxy server. This is useful to find out if links you have found through Google are available through a Le Moyne Library subscription. 

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How do I cite a source?

5256 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    Citing Sources

It depends! There are different styles depending on the discipline of study. Always ask your professor which one to use. Also, take a look at our Citing Sources Guide.

For medicine there is the AMA Manual of Style Print copy at REF DESK WZ 345 .A511 2007 (10th Edition).

For psychology, there is APA style adapted by Univ. of Southern Mississippi. See print copy of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association at REF DESK BF 76.7 .P83 2010 (6th Edition).

For sociology, there is the American Sociological Association. Also see the Sociology Subject Guide.

Historians use the Chicago Manual of Style Print copy at REF DESK Z 253 .U69 2010 (16th edition), also see the Handbook for Historians.

The humanities tend to use the Modern Language Association style. See MLA style adapted by Lone Star College. Print copy of MLA Handbook at REF DESK LB2369 .G53 2016 (8th edition).

For further help see Mendeley which is a citation management software. It formats your citations for you in all the above mentioned styles and many more right into your research paper Word file or into a separate Word file.

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Does library have a scanner?

4585 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    Technology

Yes, the library has a scanner located near the Library Services Desk.

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Where is the library?

4458 views   |   Last updated on Feb 23, 2016    About the Library

Check the Visiting the Library page for maps and directions.

In addition, the Noreen Reale Falcone Library is labeled building #5 on this campus map.

Of you can find the library using this Google Map.

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Can I ask a library question over the holiday break?

4334 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    Hours Research Help

Le Moyne College will be closed between Christmas and New Years and as a result, the Library will be closed as well. See our Hours of Service for December and January

The library's 24/7 chat service will be available over break with the exception of Christmas Day and New Years Day when this service will be closed.

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Can I print from a Library workstation?

4318 views   |   Last updated on Oct 16, 2018    Technology Printing

Most of the workstations in the Library can print to the networked printers using your print quota. To access these workstations, you must first log in using your campus network username and password.

Four of the six workstations nearest the Library Service Desk can print to the printer adjacent to them. The other two workstation, which are for guest access and requires no login, are for quick look-ups and are blocked from printing.

In addition, all of the computers near the IT Service Desk, located in back of the library, are set up to print to nearby networked printers.

For more detailed instructions, visit the "Printing in the Library" help guide. For technical assistance, contact the IT Service Desk or call (315) 445-4579.

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How do I text (SMS) a question to the Library?

4244 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    About the Library Research Help

Text your questions to (315) 510-4342. This service is staffed 24/7, except for some holidays.

Note: the text (SMS) phone number connects to the Library's record message phone number, which includes upcoming hours of service information. Call the Library Services Desk (315) 445-4330 or visit for additional phone numbers.

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How do I download an EBL book to my smartphone or tablet PC?

4188 views   |   Last updated on Mar 07, 2019    Technology Research Help Finding Books

The EBL e-book collection allows readers to checkout PDF or ePUB formatted e-book files which can be downloaded to your desktop or laptop computer or to tablet PCs, e-book readers, and smartphones, such as the iPad, Android tablets, newer Nook readers, and Sony e-book readers, and other devices that have readers that support the Adobe Digital Editions copyright protection protocol.

It is easy to read books from the EBL e-book collection on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

However, because the EBL e-books are all protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) software from Adobe Digital Editions, you need to do two things to set things up properly.

  1. Download an e-book reader for your iPad that can display DRM-protected materials. EBL recommends theBluefire Reader, which is free from the iTunes store.

  2. You must have an Adobe ID set up in your Bluefire reader in order to open and read EBL e-books. Register for a free Adobe ID at The first time you use Bluefire, it will ask you for your Adobe ID and password, so make a record of it when you create it.

Once logged in to the EBL collection, find the book you want to read, click the download button, and start reading. See the video tutorial for an overview.

Loan periods for each book are 7 days. When the loan period of the e-book has expired, Bluefire will display the message: "No license found". To continue reading the book, you must delete it from Bluefire and download it from EBL again.

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Does the library have a color copier?

4170 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    Printing

No, not a color photocopier, but it does now have a color printer (LIB-HP500M551DN on Hawthorn) near the IT Service Desk. You can scan in color and print the result to this printer.

For more information about the color printer, visit the "Printing in the Library" help guide.

For technical assistance, contact the IT Service Desk or call (315) 445-4579.

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Is there double-sided printing in the library?

4126 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    Technology

Double-sided printing is still available in the Library.

If the computer you are using has Microsoft Word 2010, here are the steps:

         1. Select the Print command as you normally do

         2. Select Printer

         3. Under the "Settings" heading, click on the "Print one-sided" button and select the option: "Print on both sides - flip pages on long edge"

         4. Print

If you are still having trouble, ask the IT Service Desk.

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How do I find out the name of my personal librarian? I have an undeclared major

4011 views   |   Last updated on Feb 17, 2016   

Visit to find out the name of your Personal Librarian. If you have questions, email Kelly Delevan, at
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How do I place an item on reserve?

3775 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    Faculty Resources Course Reserves

Faculty may request that items be placed on reserve using the online forms available on the Course Reserves page.  Print forms, if needed, are available at the Library Services Desk.

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How do I find primary sources?

3684 views   |   Last updated on Feb 17, 2016    Research Help

It depends on the topic, but here is a research guide for primary sources:
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How do I find an article?

3661 views   |   Last updated on Apr 05, 2016    Finding Articles Research Help

Do you know the database you need to search?

Try viewing the Databases by Name.

Not sure what database will fit your topic best?

Take a look at Subject Guides.

Have an article citation (partial or full) or just a journal title?

Search for the journal title in the Print and Electronic Journal Title List. Then look for a link to a full-text provider service that will link you to the contents of the e-journal. If the journal is a title we have in print, head to the shelf.

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