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Can I print from my laptop computer?

28206 views   |   Last updated on Oct 02, 2018    Technology Printing


If you are using a laptop that can access the wireless network that is found in the Library and most buildings on campus, then you can use a web-based printing option by visiting

Login using your Le Moyne network username and password. Check out these options in MyPrint:

  • Click the "Web Print" tab to upload your document via a webform and to check the status of your print job. Print jobs will be charged against your assigned print quota.

  • Click the "My Printers" tab to set a shortlist of your "favorite" printers. "Library Patron" are the two printers on the first floor near the Library Services Desk, "Library Lab" is the printer in the "Muserlian Instruction Lab", and "Library Cluster" is the printer in the computer cluster near the IT Help Desk.

  • If you plan to print from your laptop frequently, click the "Driver Print" tab to find out how to install a printer driver that will let you print wirelessly directly from your document.

For more detailed instructions and information about your print quota, visit the "Printing in the Library" help guide. For technical assistance, visit IT's "Printing On Campus" page, contact the IT Service Desk or call (315) 445-4579.