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Does the Library have a color printer?

5997 views   |   Last updated on Oct 01, 2018    Technology Printing


A color laser printer is located near the IT Service Desk on the first floor of the Library. The printer can make double as well as single-sided copies. The cost is 15¢ per printed side and is charged against your paid printing account in your Dolphin Dollars eAccount.

Students can print to the printer from all public computers in the library. Select LIB-HP500M551DN (Library Public Color Printer) from the print menu. If you are using the wireless MyPrint printing service, select the Library Color printer.

Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

For more information on your free print quota or on adding funds to your Dolphin Dollars eAccount, visit the "Printing in the Library" help guide or campus IT's "Printing On Campus" page.