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How do I download an EBL book to my smartphone or tablet PC?

4131 views   |   Last updated on Mar 07, 2019    Finding Books Research Help Technology


The EBL e-book collection allows readers to checkout PDF or ePUB formatted e-book files which can be downloaded to your desktop or laptop computer or to tablet PCs, e-book readers, and smartphones, such as the iPad, Android tablets, newer Nook readers, and Sony e-book readers, and other devices that have readers that support the Adobe Digital Editions copyright protection protocol.

It is easy to read books from the EBL e-book collection on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

However, because the EBL e-books are all protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) software from Adobe Digital Editions, you need to do two things to set things up properly.

  1. Download an e-book reader for your iPad that can display DRM-protected materials. EBL recommends theBluefire Reader, which is free from the iTunes store.

  2. You must have an Adobe ID set up in your Bluefire reader in order to open and read EBL e-books. Register for a free Adobe ID at The first time you use Bluefire, it will ask you for your Adobe ID and password, so make a record of it when you create it.

Once logged in to the EBL collection, find the book you want to read, click the download button, and start reading. See the video tutorial for an overview.

Loan periods for each book are 7 days. When the loan period of the e-book has expired, Bluefire will display the message: "No license found". To continue reading the book, you must delete it from Bluefire and download it from EBL again.