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What does peer reviewed mean?

1480 views   |   Last updated on Aug 03, 2021    Research Help Finding Articles


When an article is considered "peer reviewed or refereed,  that means that it has undergone the peer review process.


Peer review is a process in which an article is judged by an impartial panel of two or more experts in the field; these experts are called "peer reviewers." Peer reviewers primarily focus on ensuring that an article does not have any errors or biases, that the article's findings make a substantial contribution to its field, and that the article provides new information within its specified field.


In order to find scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles, it is most efficient to use the library's databases. Many of the Library’s databases allow you to apply a filter for peer-review articles so your results are all peer-reviewed. 


Visit this page titled “What is Peer-review” for further details on how to find and iidentity a pee-reviewed article.



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