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Does library have a scanner?

1843 views   |   Last updated on Feb 05, 2016    Technology


There is a networked scanner in the Muserlian Teaching Lab. It is often busy, so plan accordingly. There are also several near the IT Service Desk.

However, your very best bet is to use the photocopier as a scanner. It is a simple matter to email your scanned document to yourself or save it to a USB thumb drive. Watch the video on how to scan using the photocopier.

Caveat: You need to put the photocopier into scan mode by first putting a dime into the coin box and changing the copy options from "Copy" to "Send". If you leave the copier in "Copy" mode, it will charge you $0.10 and will will make a paper copy. By changing the mode to "Send", you are telling the photocopier to scan but not print. You will not be charged for the scanning and the dime can be refunded after you are finished. Don't forget to get your dime back.

If you don't have any change, you can get a scanner dime from the IT Service Desk. The Library Service Desk does not have change. For technical assistance, visit the IT Service Desk.