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How do I check my print quota?

2508 views   |   Last updated on Jul 16, 2018    Technology Printing


Students are allotted $5.00 (equivalent to 100 black and white pages) per 3 credit hour Le Moyne course you are enrolled in (i.e., 5 classes = $25.00 = 500 pages). You can check how much money you have left on your free print quota by logging onto with your Le Moyne username and password. Once the free print quota is exhausted, you will need to add money to your Dolphin Dollars eAccounts to print. Black and white printing costs 5¢ per page and color printing costs 15¢.

Check with the IT Service Desk or call (315) 445-4579 if you have questions or problems.

For more information, visit the "Printing in the Library" guide or campus IT's "Printing On Campus" page.