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How do I check my print quota?

2691 views   |   Last updated on Jul 21, 2021    Technology Printing


Students are allotted $5.00 (equivalent to 100 black and white pages) per 3 credit hour Le Moyne course you are enrolled in (i.e., 5 classes = $25.00 = 500 pages).

You can check how much money you have left on your free print quota by logging onto with your Le Moyne username and password. Note: you must be on-campus, to access Papercut.

Once you exhaust your free print quota for the semester, you will need to pay for printing using your Dolphin Dollars eAccount. Black and white printing costs 5¢ per page and color printing costs 15¢.

Check with the IT Service Desk or call (315) 445-4579 if you have questions or problems.

For more information, visit the "Printing in the Library" guide or campus IT's "Adding Funds to Your Print Account" in IT's help document.